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Fees cover accommodation with full board - breakfast, lunch, dinner (starting with lunch on arrival and finishing with breakfast on departure day), transfer from official welcome points, local transport, training, competitions and organisation of the event. The delegations are responsible to provide international health insurance for all their members.

Deposit per team: 2000 EUR


 The deposit amount will be deducted from the total fees for the participating teams, and will be returned to those NUSAs/teams who are not selected. The deposits are otherwise non-refundable (confirmed teams that cancel are therefore not entitled to get their deposit back).




Participants represent their universities. EUSA's Member Federations can submit General Entry Forms at https://rugby7s2019-registrations.eusa.eu, defining a contact person to carry out the rest of the registration procedure, including submission of the Quantitative forms, Travel Plans and Individual Entries.




Participation fee: 65 EUR / person / night

EUSA Entry Fee: 30 EUR / person



EUSA Quick Registrations Guide

EUSA Rules and Regulations 2019